Two top tips for winter survival

With winter comes unsympathetic weather and harsher conditions for your skin.  And the assault on your skin doesn't stop there – modern central heating and double glazing keeps us warm and cosy but it can be dreadfully drying, removing moisture and amplifying the effects of ageing.

Now is the time to look after your skin with particular care.  Which means?

Firstly, exfoliate more often than you would during the summer months.

In summer, skin that is exposed to the elements sheds more rapidly than when we are covered up and indoors during the winter. To avoid your skin looking dull and lifeless add a daily exfoliation to your beauty routine.

We recommend Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica or Gommage Biologique by Guinot. Gommage Biologique is particularly good for use on sensitive skin as it does not contain any abrasive particles but uses a combination of gentle fruit acids to achieve that healthy glow. A number of our clients claim they can't live without it!

Daily Microfoliant is one of the most popular products in the Dermalogica range. It is specially designed for daily use and even got a mention on GMTV this morning – apparently it's a favourite with the stars...

Secondly, change to a more nutritious moisturiser for the winter months. With central heating, air conditioning and double glazing we all now live in a much drier atmosphere than is good for the health of our skin. This is more of a problem when we wrap up warm and hide away indoors away from the cold days and dark evenings.

A change of moisturiser is always a good idea every six months or so as the body gets used to your current skin care solutions and they cease to be as effective as they could be.

Hydrazone and Nutrizone from Guinot are especially suitable for winter use as they are richer. You might also consider Douceur de Vie as protection from the harsher weather while retaining an SPF for those sunny winter days.

Sunny winter days – that would be next Thursday and Sunday 20th then.

If you would like any advice about your beauty or hair requirements please feel free to drop in or visit our website at to see what we do...

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